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Your own boss, or How to increase efficiency in a home office

It became fashionable to work remotely not only with moms on maternity leave. Thoughts about a free schedule are visited more and more often by ordinary office workers. No matter how comfortable the desk and chair are at work, the heart of a simple clerk reaches home. You will learn how to change your fate and turn a sofa in the living room into a workplace from our article.

Your own master
Before you go to work at home, consider registering a business. It will be useful to find a specialist who will help in conducting accounting for IP at the STS at first.

Work at home involves time management on your own. This is the main point that beginner homeworkers stumble upon. The concept of “so comfortable for me” can turn into life chaos and 24/7 mode of operation.

And therefore, after the decision to switch to remote work, separate personal time and work. And yes, before you get distracted by a new series of a long-playing film, ask yourself a question, but would there be such an opportunity in the office.

Discipline above all
Change soft pajamas to work clothes. It is not necessary to wear a business suit. But it will be better if you don’t start cooking dinner or sleeping in these clothes. External concentration will attract a working mood, which, believe me, can be difficult to find in a home environment.

Create a working atmosphere
And even better creative! Take care of the mood. Do not waste your time on trifles; trust the apartment after the flood to trust professionals. Small breaks, afternoon breaks, favorite music, a hot sandwich and sofa cushions on the carpet instead of a chair are pleasant moments that affect the emotional mood and positive state.

Do not be distructed
Select a separate room for the study. If this is not possible, organize a work area in the room. Minimize the number of factors distracting from work. Warn household members about working hours when it’s better not to bother about trifles.

Change the environment
Do not get hung up on work at home. Change your location periodically. A table in a cozy cafe, a library, a park bench can be an excellent workplace, giving positive and inspiration.

At the corporate party!
Do not ignore corporate event invitations. This is a great occasion to talk with colleagues, find out the general mood in the company and, finally, recharge with corporate spirit and motivation.

Home office gives free time for self-realization and development of creative potential. Use it wisely! Do not forget to delegate authority.

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