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Through neuromarketing research, Moneyveo found that their customers are highly sensitive to speed, success, optimism and social approval. They respond well to videos from the “I want” category and poorly…

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Through neuromarketing research, Moneyveo found that their customers are highly sensitive to speed, success, optimism and social approval.

They respond well to videos from the “I want” category and poorly to a demonstration of loseriness and failure.

After the study, the company identified several typical portraits of customers.

#one. Sanya, 27 years old, non-family. Secondary education, works in production. Watching “Evening Quarter” at a smoke break. On New Year’s Eve, he wants to buy a used sixth iPhone, but that’s not for sure – he promised to help his father repair Lanos for a long time.

Sometimes the salary is delayed, and he has to somehow interrupt until the next.

# 2 Lyudka, 26 years old, single. He is trying to organize his own business – rents a place in a beauty salon. While gaining a customer base, you need to block the lease for several months, so he takes a loan. He actively uses Tinder, and with his girlfriend Vika goes to karaoke.

# 3 Svetlana, 29 years old, married, has a son. Works as a seller. The husband is often delayed salaries, but the questions themselves will not be solved: the son needs a computer, it’s time to put the boiler on. Recently I handed over to the pawnshop the chain that my husband presented last year on March 8.

#four. Sergey, 36 years old, non-family, works as a taxi driver. Meets a woman. She has a child from her first marriage. In the summer we agreed to go to the sea to Kherson, and these are additional unplanned expenses.

#five. Andrey, 26 years old, non-family, higher education. He works in a logistics company. To earn extra money, he makes sports bets. Friends and parents do not borrow money. He plays Counter-Strike and dreams of moving to Thailand.

A few insights about the audience:

icon 1
– they have temporary financial difficulties

– they are selfish – all problems concern themselves

– their needs need to be met here and now

– willing to take risks

Which creative comes in
#one. Movie with a star

Moneyveo launched an advertising campaign with comedian Uncle Zhora. The video has become twice as popular as the previous ones.

As a result, all marketing indicators increased. The number of sessions per user increased by 40%, page views by 46%, the number of transactions by 17%, and loan requests from existing customers by 10%.

And most importantly: the number of people who are going to use the Moneyveo service has increased from 22% to 67%.

# 2 Instagram mini-series

Instagram is popular in Ukraine. According to a study by Factum Group Ukraine, the social network is among the “top ten” of the most popular sites and the top three of the most used applications on Android.

Moneyveo took this fact into account and, together with the Mamahohotal studio, launched a mini-series on Instagram After Sex. They shot 24 funny videos about different situations in bed.

Posted by Mamahohotala (@mamahohotala) on Feb 14, 2019 at 2:48 am PST

As a result, they collected more than 1.2 million views, 220 thousand likes and 16 thousand shares. In addition, the media wrote about the campaign for free, which gave additional coverage.

# 3 The story of two types of people

In April 2019, along with Havas Ukraine Moneyveo agency, they published an advertisement about two heroes with different approaches to life.

1. “Taras, to whom everything is normal.” He wears old sneakers, uses an unfashionable phone and believes that this is normal.

2. “Sava, who is always beautiful.” He can boast of expensive things, so he is always on top.

The essence of advertising is that a step from “Normas” to “beauty” is a loan in Moneyveo.

Result: phrases about Taras and Sava became practically winged – they began to be actively used in social networks. For example, the public “Kiev Operational” signed one of its videos with a quote from the video “Tse Taras, Youmu Normas”.

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