How to become a businessman

Web application development - for profit and market growth
Ukraine has a difficult economic situation, which is constantly changing. Why does modern business in Kiev require the development of web applications? Obviously, without modern and efficiently running software, no…

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Bank generosity
More and more banks issue plastic cards with cashback. How to make the right choice? In the wake of the consumer boom, banks are increasingly offering customers plastic cards with…

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The benefits of online cash registers for entrepreneurs
The desire of state bodies to exercise more control over small retail businesses has led to major changes in their work. The desire of the Federal Tax Service to get…

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Smart money. Six major financial technologies this year

The Forbes Fintech 50 allows you to understand how the fintech market is changing and what ideas will be in demand on it in the coming years
In 2017, the total investment in fintech – “smart” online services that help ordinary users and professional market participants manage finances – amounted to $ 27.4 billion, according to Accenture consulting company. This is 18% more than in 2016.

According to the compilers of the list of the most promising fintech projects of The Forbes Fintech 50 – 2018, in the US financial services are already formidable rivals to the local banking sector with a market capitalization of $ 8.5 trillion. Continue reading

At your own risk: why are dangerous investments in your own business

Most wealthy people want to save money and protect them from inflation. But what to do with your own assets?
At the dawn of my career, I heard the phrase of one of the leaders of the current Forbes list: there is business, but there are personal assets, and these concepts need to be separated. This idea seems to me very true. Successful periods do not last forever, and you can wake up at some point with the realization that all the funds were invested in one object and … burned out. It is a pity, many do not even think about it. Continue reading

Up to 70% per annum. The most profitable Russian stocks

Forbes analyzed the stock returns for 2018 for all the companies included in the Mosbirzhi index (includes shares of the largest Russian companies). In 2018, the largest total return to shareholders of all securities came from Tatneft (69% on ordinary shares and 65% on preferred), Novateka (66%) and Surgutneftegaz (65%). Two factors coincided – a good growth of quotations of these companies during the year and dividends comfortable for shareholders recommended by boards of directors. Continue reading

Cards under control

I used to have cards, not just one, but several banks. At that time, he was still not a writer, but he worked as an operative, and therefore he understood how it was possible to find out a lot about the person thanks to the cards: where and when he paid, what he bought, the ATM used to withdraw cash. Even by credit card number it’s easy to identify the owner and set his move. Now I no longer serve in the police, but I still have friends there with whom I communicate. They say that now it’s even easier to find out, thanks to the fact that there are more technical capabilities. Previously, not every place had a computer, but now digital signatures and tolerances have appeared. Continue reading

What is the secret to the success of millionaires

Probably, there is no person who at least once in his life has not wondered how they become rich. The life path of wealthy celebrities is often covered in legends. Each of them has its own extraordinary and instructive story. Thousands of researchers, analyzing the successful fate, are trying to uncover the secret of the success of millionaires and share it with others. Continue reading

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